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24/7 Service: 281-668-7323
Sales:  713-766-4651

Free Home & Well Water Testing Houston

Know what’s in your water immediately with fast & accurate results with our free basic water testing service.

Quality Home Products of Texas offers free basic water testing with fast, accurate results in most local areas. Contact us today to see if you qualify for free water testing!

We will perform a basic test on your water to determine your Total Dissolved Solids, Hardness, and Chlorine content and present you with a professional analysis of the results.

We’ll also provide you affordable and effective options to treat your water. There’s no obligation as our primary goal is to educate so you can make the best choice for your family and home.

Contact Quality TX today to learn more about our free water testing houston services.

Step 1:

Free Water Test

Free Water Test

Get a free in-home water test so you know what's in your water. Our tests are quick, accurate, and totally free. We'll test the hardness of your water, the pH, the overall total dissolved solids, iron and chlorine.

Step 2:

Home Consultation

Home Consultation

A local professional will identify the proper equipment for your specific water quality. We'll also inspect your plumbing and installation location to gather measurements and ensure your equipment is set up the right way the first time.

Step 3:

Next Day Installation

Next Day Installation

Chances are you've waited a long time for better water. Unlike many companies in the Houston area that make you wait even longer, we provide professional next day installation so you can get the water you deserve right away.

Step 4:

Ongoing Service

Ongoing Excellent Service

Quality Home Products of Texas services and maintains all equipment we sell so you have peace of mind knowing your system will be running efficiently for a long time to come.

Hardness Minerals

What it is – hard water contains calcium and magnesium minerals which bond with everything they touch leaving “limescale” in their wake. 

Treatment – Our guaranteed water treatment systems provide the best option for soft water on the market. It improves the water throughout your entire home while protecting your appliances and fixtures.


What it is – Iron can come in a couple of different forms including dissolved and non-dissolved. Both of these can leave red/orange stains on your sinks, tubs, and toilets and can be extremely hard to remove. Iron can also cause bacteria to grow and let off an unpleasant smell.

Treatment – Quality Home Products of Texas offers free water testing to determine the cause of the staining and provides affordable options to help you get clean water for your home.


What it is – Chlorine is a chemical used by municipal & local water treatment plants to reduce harmful bacteria in the water supply. While this sounds good, chlorine and chloramines can cause bacteria of their own to grow called trihalomethanes (TTHM) which is quite unsafe to drink or bathe in. 

Treatment – The most efficient Chlorine reduction filter is Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) or Catalytic Carbon. Due to the high level of chlorine added to water by cities, you will really appreciate your water with chlorine reduction.

Dirt & Sediment

What it is – dirt & sediment is just as it sounds. This is typically most common in well water or surface water that hasn’t gone through a treatment facility.

Treatment – Dirt and sediment are found in almost all water supplies and will decrease the efficiency and lifespan of your appliances. For example, sediment in a water heater can prevent the heat from transferring to the water in the tank once sediment has built up in the bottom. Our whole-home water treatment systems can help with this problem.

Free home water test evaluation
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